Trust God Completely

First Harvey … now Irma … two powerful hurricanes disrupting and devastating the life of Americans. Watching the different news reports, it is interesting to observe the responses and behavior of those who reside in the path of these storms.

After loading up with food, water, clothing … life’s seeming essential items … there is a mass exodus by potentially millions of people. Others, after boarding up, sand bagging, and whatever else to secure their homes, hunker down to ride out natures’ onslaught. Then there are those that break into stores, businesses, homes to steal and destroy … motivated by a distorted selfish view of what it means to survive the storm.

Life is filled with storms. Jesus said: “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33. How do you respond life’s storms?

The key to surviving the storms of life is found in putting our trust completely in God and follow His word. In Acts 27, you will read about Paul the Apostle that was on a ship during a literal storm. At one point, after the ships crew had done everything they could do, they lost all hope (v.20). Paul received a word from God and encouraged them that they would survive. But later (v.29) when all had become dark and thinking that they would crash into rocks, they dropped their anchors and prayed for light of morning.

They did lose their ship to natures onslaught, but they all survived … just as God revealed to Paul.

A lot can be learned from this story, but let me say to those of you that are going through a stormy life situation … you can survive. Put your anchor into the truth of God’s word that He has overcome the world … and pray for the light of morning … it is on its way.